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Where do you get your food and restaurant news?

By Sarah Ann Noel - August 15, 2017

In Denver, we like to celebrate all the good food and culture that exists in the city, and so it can be relatively easy to access solid, interesting restaurant news. Our restaurant consultants' favorite sources for local information on food, drink, and restaurants are 5280 Magazine and the Denver Post. Less frequent local publications, like Nourish and Fellow, often feature fantastic restaurant guides or interviews as well.

There are also great city-by-city resources, like Dining Out Magazine, Thrillist, and, that we like to use in our own town, but also when we travel. When skipping from town-to-town, it can be helpful to look at the featured spots on Yelp and TripAdvisor too. Sometimes, our travels will take us to places we've read about in national publications, like Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, or the Food Network Magazine.

While it's great to read up on all the trending restaurants around the country and the world, we all know that running a restaurant business (and being a restaurant consultant) is much more than the flavor-of-the-month venue. So we stay informed about other news effecting the industry with resources like Nation's Restaurant News, the National Restaurant Association, and Modern Restaurant Management. There are also some great blogs out there--besides this one, of course!--like Uncorkd, Reserve, and Restaurant Den.

If you need to go deeper than what you find in the restaurant news, however, a restaurant consultant can help you with all areas of your restaurant business, from startup to menu development to accounting. Contact a restaurant consultant today!

Photo by Mattias Diesel on Unsplash