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Vegan Restaurants in Kansas City

These restaurants focus on a tight niche--and are thriving

By Sarah Ann Noel - August 8, 2017

Throughout the summer, we've sent restaurant consultants to Nashville, Portland, Indianapolis, New York, Kansas City, and beyond. Even when traveling for business, we like to make it a point to visit other restaurants in the areas we're staying. For one, it's a good way to learn about the restaurant culture specific to the cities where we are working with clients. But hey! We're restaurant consultants because we love food, so it's nice to have a little fun too!

One of our consultants was recently in Kansas City, and she visited not one, but two vegan-only restaurants. The food was inventive, themed, and delicious; but we also like seeing restaurant businesses that know how to fine-tune their focuses. Inexperienced business owners may see the vegan market as too niche; but actually learning to trim down your menus so that guests know what they're getting--that's the key. You'll become a go-to spot for loyal groups that way. 

The vegan restaurants in Kansas City were Cafe Gratitude, which stays true to its creed via solar power and community mindedness; and FüD, with lots of raw options and famous jack fruit dishes so that even the vegans can have some Kansas City barbecue. 

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Photo via Cafe Gratitude.