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5 Tips for Dinner Lighting

A few tips to easily create a warm glow for your dinner guests

By Sarah Ann Noel - July 6, 2017

Our restaurant consultants often talk about the mechancis of the restaurant business; but we can't forget that, for guests--our customers--dining out is an experience. To make sure it's a good one, sometimes we need to step outside of the cogs and wheels of operations and take a moment to dress it all up in a beautiful, lovable package.

For dinner guests, lighting becomes an important consideration. Often dinners out are romantic, celebratory, or intimate. To create the right ambience, to make the evening feel special, build a soft, warm glow around your restaurant space. There are many ways to accomplish this, and none are too complicated. It's an easy opportunity to make your space unique and creative too. 

Our consultants have pulled up some inspiration from different restaurant phots online. Click through and be inspired to recreate in your restaurant! Or, if you need help decided what to do or how, contact a restaurant consultant today!

1. It could be as simple as tea lights or votive candles--inexpensive and easy to keep up. (You can always swing for a battery powered option too.)
2. Twinkle lights are more and more popular on patios for outdoor dining; but don't forget, you could hang them inside too. They come in different shapes and sizes to inspire creative arrangements.
3. A simliar spin on decorative lighting, consider making an art installation out of lantern-inspired lighting. Use mason jars for a rustic appeal or consider something metallic for a heavier, fancier look.
4. Though theyr'e a little pricier to maintain, Edison bulbs are becoming a go-to option for the hipster watering holes. Not only do they look vintage-cool, they emit a soft, orangey light for a good after-hours ambience.
5. There is nothing more romantic than a fireplace, and if you have a way to swing it in your restaurant, it will not go unnoticed by your guests. 

Photo by:
  Mikael Kristenson