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Spring Menus 2017

Get your menu in shape for spring!

By Sarah Ann Noel - March 27, 2017

It's officially been spring for a week, and our restaurant consultants are helping clients get their spring menus in check. Currently working with clients on both the west and east coasts, as well as internationally, one thing is true across the board: guests are ready for the energy and warmth of spring. Give the people what they want with these spring menu ideas for 2017.

1. Main Course
Forbes has spotted five food trends that are trickling through restaurants in 2017. At the top of their list? Vegetarian comfort food. Being a Denver-based company, we saw the need for vegetarian options increase awhile ago, and that has ballooned into other regions. In spring, guests are turning their attention back to health, but still shivering from the lingering chill. Best way to meet both needs? Provide nutritious foods in a comforting way. Another trend on the Forbes list was the "bowl"--think acai, poke, and now take that in any creative direction that works for your establishment.

2. Cocktails
As we've mentioned in our 2017 Top Trends and other posts, mixology is an important trend this year. We're cooking-up custom cocktails for you, like last week's NRC Spritz; but here are ten more cocktails from Paste Magazine that are bound to get your guests in the mood for warmer weather (which means extended happy hours on that patio!).

*Don't forget the wine!
We're all about the cocktails this year, but a good wine selection is always a must. The first hint of spring, and the Millennials are still reaching straight for the rosés. Delish magazine found 16 great, affordable rosés for 2017!

3. Reconsider the bread basket.
The traditional pre-meal bread basket has been evolving anyway; but we see increased bread waste moving into the spring months. The Boston Globe interviewed a few chefs and restaurants about their bread baskets--from gluten-free options to apples and cinnamon butter. It could be as simple as asking guests if they'd like bread or serving carrot sticks and hummus instead, but find a way to reoption the traditional bread for something more interesting or nutritious. 

4. Lighten the desserts.
Probably you'll see a decrease in dessert add-ons come springtime. But that doesn't mean dessert will go away altogether. In the spring, we often watch dessert trends swing toward fruit and light creams; and for 2017, strawberries are still getting a lot of attention. Southern Living has some creat spring-inspired dessert options; and not only are there are lot of berry-based treats, cakes are returning--good for less input but extended output.

5. Add some flowers to the tables and let the light in!
Don't forget that people are savoring the longer days and budding plants! Happy customers linger!

Our restaurant consultants can always help with spring makeovers. If you'd like to spruce things up for the season, or if you have other questions about trends for the year, improving your business, and increasing your profits, contact our restaurant consultants today. 

Photo by Eve Chan.