Restaurant Startups

Starting a New Restaurant? First Steps:

An academic study several years ago concluded that 81.1% of all small businesses fail within the first three years of start up for a variety of reasons. Restaurants actually fare much better. Per a Cornell University study, 50% of restaurants will fail in this same three year period, 27% in the first year. In the past four years, National Restaurant Consultants has worked with 120 restaurants/start-ups. Of this 120, 15 did not open their doors on our advice. Of the remaining 105, only 5 have closed their doors due to a variety of reasons. That is a success rate of 95.6%. Much better than the national average.

"You generally hear that what a man doesn't know doesn't hurt him, but in business what a man doesn't know does hurt" - E.S Lewis

Our Restaurant Consultants will help you understand what you don't know.

"I was pretty sure I was a smart restauranteur after having opened 42 (restaurants) in my career,” said a National Restaurant Consultant Client.  “Then I met David and Richard from NRC.”

Which Services are Right for You?

The Business Plan - Your First Step

Every new venture needs a high quality business plan. Validate your concept, understand the financial prospects, solidify your concept in writing, and get the bank to say “Yes” to your loan request. This versatile document is your beginning step, and the pros at National Restaurant Consultants have written hundreds of plans! Doesn’t it make sense to have a restaurant professional write yours too? This document is prepared in an easy-to-read, tabbed format in a 3-ring binder. Your Business Plan/Pro-forma will be a 20 to 30 page document that includes, at a minimum, the following items:

  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Overview
  • Marketing Overview
  • Assumptions and Explanations
  • Year 1 Sales and Profit Projections & Breakeven
  • Year 1 Monthly (Projected)
  • Year 1 Monthly (Downside)
  • Year 1 Monthly (Upside)
  • Sales / Customer Counts per Meal Period
  • 5-Year Projection
  • 5-Year Breakeven
  • Core Menu Rough Draft

Your business plan will be delivered to you within 30 days. Plus, you’ll get a CD-ROM or flash drive electronic copy for making your own changes as your project progresses.

Feasibility Study — The Second Step

Your business plan has been developed, and all indicators tell you that your restaurant concept is viable and profitable – but where do you put it? We can help by creating a comprehensive Feasibility Study. The most important decision you will ever make for your restaurant is the location. We will help you determine which one is best! Your Feasibility Study will include the following components, at a minimum:

  • Identification of Trade Area
  • Demographics of the Trade Area
  • Direct Competition
  • Indirect Competition
  • Ingress/Egress
  • Natural and Man Made Barriers affecting Trade Area
  • Traffic Count (foot, road, and public transportation)
  • Photographs of the Local Trade Area
  • Potential Location Issues and Solutions
  • Staffing Potential
  • Available Advertising
  • Local Restaurant Marketing Potential
  • Recommendations

We’re fast and efficient, and with a cost effective monthly payment plan, there’s no reason that you have to go it alone. Contact us at (303) 757-3663 or

The Complete Package

This is our most popular and cost effective option for your new restaurant startup. This package includes everything you’ll need from start to finish. Conceptually you’ll have 14 major phases and 400 tasks to complete before the restaurant opens.

The Complete Package Includes:

  • Project Management and Consulting, including the tracking of each stage of progress
  • Extensive Administrative Duties, including:  corporate formation, licensing, liquor licensing matters, logo creation, name registration, trade mark applications, and more. We’ll handle it all for you!
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Written Feasibility Study
  • Menu Development, including:  vendor selection, products, pricing, and menu design with maximum profit generation built in.
  • Equipment - we generally save our clients at least 25% or more when compared to retail list prices
  • Architectural Consulting - we’ll work with your team to ensure your designs make sense for the long term.
  • Conceptual Drawings/Renderings - see what your concept will look like! Great for presentations and investment purposes
  • Liquor License Applications - we’ll work with your legal counsel to ensure issuance or transfer of license
  • Custom Employee Policy Manuals, Job Descriptions, and Matching Checklists
  • Coordination of Staff Food Sanitation and Alcohol Training Matters
  • Training for all Front- and Back-of-the House Personnel
  • Soft and Grand Opening Guidance…and much more!
  • The Complete Package - the one-stop solution for your whole project from start to finish!

You’ll enjoy working with our highly seasoned consultants - you’re getting the best help available anywhere!