Restaurant Operations Analysis

Truly one of the most powerful tools available for the restaurant operator seeking to improve profitability and ease of operations is our proprietary Operations Analysis service. As featured in “Smart Money” Magazine and on ABC News “Nightline”, an Operations Analysis is a detailed overview of your business from an outside, objective standpoint. One of our highly trained consultants with over 30 years of experience will examine all aspects of your operation.

Why Should You Consider an Operations Analysis™ for Your Restaurant?
  1. Find and fix operational problems
  2. Lower food, beverage, and payroll costs
  3. Stop allowing others to take advantage of you
  4. Get a grip on your finances
  5. Maximize the value of your business
  6. Develop an exit and/or expansion plan
  7. Bring more money to the bottom line
  8. Make your shareholders and partners happy
  9. Reduce your stress and get back in control
  10. Easy scheduling and services available worldwide
We Can Help Any Restaurant, Anywhere in the World. Here’s How We Do It.

Every day we receive phone calls and e-mails from restaurant operators worldwide asking us questions like, “Why can’t I make any money in my restaurant?”, or, “How can I improve my operation?” During the last 12 months, thousands of restaurants have gone out of business unnecessarily; an Operations Analysis™ may have prevented this for many of them.

Real Life Example

In August of 2013, we received a call from a restaurant/distillery that was losing money and could not seem to turn their operations around.  We proposed that we complete an Operations Analysis to identify areas of improvement and make recommendations to effect positive change.  Their membership thought that it was not worth the money we were charging (even though we guarantee our results).  This same restaurant, pictured on the right, closed its doors in early 2015.

In the same general timeframe, we completed an Operations Analysis for another client.  They had food costs over 40% and labor was out of control.  They were wasting money in a number of areas.  We assisted them in implementing several of our recommendations.  Today, food costs are in the 30% range, labor costs have been reduced, miscellaneous costs are in line and sales have increased.  Needless to say, they are now very profitable and looking to open a second location.

Which client would you like to be!

We understand the pain. We’ve evaluated hundreds of troubled restaurants, and we know how to find the missing pieces in your puzzle.

With your own Operations Analysis™, every part of your business is evaluated by a highly trained consultant with over 30 years of experience who will examine all aspects of your operation, including:

  • financial performance
  • vendors
  • human resources
  • operational systems
  • payroll
  • marketing
  • lease
  • purchasing
  • cost controls
  • and much more.

Using a narrative-based format, your consultant will identify issues, provide suggestions and recommendations, and, most importantly, create solutions to your problems that you can implement and use immediately. Before your consultant leaves, you’ll get a printed and bound 20-30 page Operations Analysis™ report which will be your guide to improving your profit and systems problems.

Perhaps things are going well, but you just want to ensure that you’re capturing every dime. Many of our clients take a pro-active stance and have an Operations Analysis™ done at all of their locations. Whether it's one, five, or 500 restaurants, we’d be happy to confidentially talk with you about your concerns. We routinely conduct Operations Analysis™ services for small, medium, and very large business operations worldwide.

Our reputation has been built on helping out troubled operators worldwide. No operation is too small or too far away, and we guarantee that you’ll be delighted with the results. If you’ve got real problems, your consultant will find real solutions with an Operations Analysis™.



How Operations Analysis Works

Once the dates have been confirmed, your consultant will arrive and spend two full days on site in your restaurant(s) evaluating, digging, and probing into every aspect of your operation. Then, off site for the next two and a half days, your highly customized written report will be created just for you. On the final day, you and your consultant will sit down and go over the very detailed Operations Analysis™ report. Every question you have will be answered, and the report will be fully explained. We’ll even give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your operation back on track. If you want, for an additional fee, we’ll help you get the necessary systems developed and put properly into place.

For those that are experiencing severe operational or profit related problems, this is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to get your operation back on track. Nothing escapes our scrutiny–you’ll be impressed by our thoroughness. We encourage you to tell us about your special concerns, and we will concentrate on those things that most interest you. Every operation is unique, and you want results that matter to you. So do we — we’re on the same team! We’re careful to always stay out of the way of your employees and guests, too.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your Operations Analysis™ can help you that we back it with our Money Back Guarantee. “When the recommendations of the Operations Analysis are implemented properly, we guarantee that you will make or save more than the cost of this analysis, or we’ll gladly refund your money."

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