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What is an Operations Analysis?

Our proprietary Operations Analysis service is one of the most powerful tools available for restaurant operators seeking to improve profitability and easy of operations. We offer a detailed overview of your business from an outside, objective standpoint. One of our highly-trained, seasoned consultants will examine all aspects of your operation and identify opportunities for improvement.

What can we do for you?

We understand the pain. We've evaluated hundreds of troubled restaurants, and we know how to find the missing pieces in your puzzle.

With your own Operations Analysis™, every part of your business is evaluated by a highly-trained consultant with over 30 years of experience who will examine all aspects of your operation, including:




cost controls


human resources


financial performance


How does it work?

Once we have confirmation to begin work, one of our consultants will arrive and spend three full days on site in your restaurant evaluating, observing, and probing into each aspect of your operation. Then, off site for one day, where your highly customized written report will be created. On the final day, you and your consultant will go over the detailed Operations Analysis™ report. All of your questions will be answered and the report will be fully explained. We’ll even present step-by-step instructions on how to get your operation back on track. For an additional fee, we’ll help you get the necessary systems developed and put properly into place.

Nothing escapes our scrutiny and you’ll be impressed by our thoroughness. We encourage you to tell us about your special concerns, and we will concentrate on those things that most interest you. Every operation is unique, and you want results that matter to you. Your success is our success. We’re careful to always stay out of the way of your employees and make them feel comfortable with the process.

We guarantee you'll see results.

We are so confident that your Operations Analysis™ can help you that we back it with our Money Back Guarantee. When the recommendations of the Operations Analysis are implemented properly, we guarantee that you will make or save more than the cost of this analysis, or we’ll gladly refund your money.


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