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Licenses, Permits and Insurance: What Your Restaurant Needs

Get ready to jump through hoops to satisfy the government — and protect your business — before you open your doors.

How Restaurants Cut Corners: Embalmed Shrimp and Headless Beer

It's not just Olive Garden. Many restaurants save costs with a little sleight of hand.

McDonald's Made the Right Move in Response to Gross 'Pink Slime'

Behind the Scenes: How Chicken McNuggets are Made

Table Talk: From A to Zauber, craft beer taking off in Columbus

Columbus is an enthusiastic Craft Beer town

Dinnerware: Serving up the right dinnerware impacts restaurant image

Dinnerware: Permanent Solution

A Time to Innovate

Lent offers innovative opportunities

Thinking About Opening a Restaurant

It’ll take a lot more than a love for food to be successful

Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep

National Restaurant Consultants featured on ABC News Nightline

ABC News believes we have “Ginsu Sharp Talent” for finding ways to improve your operations. See more about our skills in the video below:

Nation’s Restaurant News  “Up for the Challenge – Chains Prepare for the Storm”

“As domestic economic and competitive pressures grow, the casual-dining segment continues to face many challenges, and increasingly-determined operators are rising to meet them…"

"There’s a lot of grumbling,” says our Founder of National Restaurant Consultants in Denver. “No one is enamored with the outlook this year. It’s enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Quality operators will survive through this. It’s a blip on the radar.”

Read more »’s “Mouthwatering Menu Design”

People shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; but they do, of course. Which is why, healthy economy or not, restaurateurs better have an eye for strategy when it comes to their menus.

“Quality menu design isn’t a switch that can be turned on and off,” says our Founder of National Restaurant Consultants, a Denver-based consultancy. “Menu creation should be an evolutionary process, with constant fine-tuning.” Read more »

Download “Mouthwatering Menu Design” as a PDF

USA Today’s “KFC goes to Kenya; first U.S. fast-food chain in E. Africa”

“You can’t buy a Big Mac in Kenya. There are no Burger Kings. But there’s good news for chicken lovers: KFC just opened its first restaurant in East Africa. The shiny red-and-white KFC in the new wing of an established Nairobi mall is the first American fast food outlet in East Africa’s most developed economy, and there are indications its entrance could herald a rush of U.S. chains into this untouched but potentially lucrative landscape.

… David Kincheloe, President of the U.S. group National Restaurant Consultants, said he began looking into a KFC franchise in Kenya for a different investor 2 years ago, but the biggest obstacle was the supply chain. Kincheloe said it’s logical that KFC is paving the way for more U.S. brands.

“Yum Brands is working their way into the African market,” he said, referring to KFC’s parent company. “Once you’re able to get KFC in and you’re able to work out the issues with the supply chain maybe you’ll see a Long John Silver’s, a Pizza Hut, a Taco Bell.”

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Smart Money Magazine’s “Crafty Ways Restaurants Cut Costs”

In October of 2009, National Restaurant Consultants was featured in the above article in the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine.

“When it comes to dining out, the consultants of National Restaurant Consultants are the kind of frugal patrons restaurant owners would love to see more of. The father of three from Denver always passes on the cream and sugar. He never pours a blob of ketchup next to his fries. Even better, after enjoying a plate of barbecued ribs, he usually prefers to wipe his saucy fingers with a cloth napkin, since the cleanup job would require at least three of the paper variety. And don’t even get him started on carbonated beverages. This is a guy who prefers cola a little watered down.”

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Quick Serve Restaurant Magazine’s “Keep Your Share”

“While the recession rages on around restaurant operators, even the most optimistic of cost-cutting initiatives can’t hide the fact that customers continue to dine out but spend less. According to a study from global business advisory firm AlixPartners, customers estimate that they cut their dine-out budget by 20 percent from the beginning to the end of last year and plan to spend an additional 3 percent less this year.

"With customers unwilling to spend as much on dine-out options, simply bringing more customers in becomes the most important cog in the wheel of an operation," says our Founder of National Restaurant Consultants.” Read More »

Download “Keep Your Share” as a PDF

Nation’s Restaurant News “Organic foods’ popularity spreads to all demographic groups”

“Organic consumers are no longer the hippie health nuts of decades past or even the affluent, thirty-something women of just a few years ago. Today’s organic consumers come from all demographic groups and spend more money than ever on organic foods and beverages, according to new data from market research firm The NPD Group and the Organic Trade Association.

While the growth in organic purchases is primarily in the retail category, consumers are demanding these offerings more when they dine out, and restaurant operators need to meet these demands, said officials of Port Washington, N.Y.-based NPD.

“It really is growing, so restaurant operators will have to provide some of these kinds of products,” said Bonnie Riggs, an NPD analyst.” Read more »

Download “Organic Foods Popularity Spreads” as a PDF

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