Management Recruiting

Problems Recruiting the “Right” Personnel?  We can help you find exceptional Talent.

You have spent a lifetime developing a new concept.  Or, maybe you have worked for years in your business and now you have earned the right to take some time off.  Maybe you are starting a new restaurant and just need help.  The only thing standing in your way is finding the right person to carry on your dream with the confidence to ensure that it will grow and thrive.

Most people make the wrong hiring decision because they become too emotionally involved in the hiring process.  You like a potential candidate.  Maybe you know them or your best friend (or relative) knows them and says they are great.  Or, they know all the right “buzzwords”.  In the end, this person drives the business into the ground or creates such a difficult work environment that your long-term employees leave.  Does this sound familiar?

National Restaurant Consultants approaches the hiring process differently.  We want to make sure all the candidates you see are highly qualified and will treat your business with the same care, attention, and enthusiasm that you would.  We will find and vet the perfect candidate to ensure he/she is the right fit, an excellent motivator, can manage a profit and loss statement, and treats the  guests you  have cultivated through the years as the most important persons in the room.

Our team of seasoned restaurant consultants,  all with at least thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, will ensure you find the best person for the job.  This is accomplished through an interview process that is sometime unconventional.  

National Restaurant Consultants will:

  • Source the top candidates from local regional markets or conduct a national search
  • Test each candidate for competency
  • Conduct criminal background checks
  • Review all references and dig deep into the candidates' backgrounds
  • Verify information on resumes

Within two weeks of engaging our Senior Restaurant Consultant, we will have located the best available talent.  We arrange for you to interview the top candidates as it fits your schedule.

The benefits to your restaurant and organization include: 

  • Confidential employment searches to ensure no disruption in current operations
  • NO direct contact with the candidate prior to the actual interview
  • Cost is usually half of what conventional employment recruiters charge
  • NO time is invested until the actual interviews take place, allowing you to focus on your business

Our fees are based upon time spent, not percentage of salaries.  We also guarantee our results.  Call us for your recruiting needs, and let us explain how we are different.