Food Merchandising

Are You Merchandising to Drive Sales, Manage Shrink, & Maximize Opportunity?

Leverage expert advice while visually displaying your culinary offerings in your restaurant, food-court, euro-deli, and/or specialty food store to drive up your average ticket price. Optimize retail selling opportunities combining gastronomic props, entree plating and presentation, and high-impact “selling” signage. Our comprehensive review, recommendations, and implementation utilize the leading pop displays with technical visual rules for maximizing food profitability. Recent clients have seen as much as a four to five percent increase in their average tickets just through display changes.

In many cases, manufacturer merchandising displays are ineffective, costly, unattainable, or unusable within an existing environment. National Restaurant Consultants can extend custom signature design/build services to outfit your establishment to effectively drive food or merchandise sales.

Whether marketing retail commodities like fresh fruits and vegetables or high-end culinary entrees, consider a review of your current program for innovative presentation ideas. 

Rarely does any establishment fully maximize selling space. National Restaurant Consultants can ensure that you do.