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It is certain that the pandemic changed the way Americans work, revealing how much can be accomplished remotely. At first glance, it might seem that the restaurant industry is exempt from this, requiring a full, busy staff, in-person. While a restaurant needs its employees present to be open for guests, there are some burgeoning concepts around helping restaurant teams create better work-life balance.

“Multiconcept operator Knead Hospitality + Design is launching the test of a new ‘4Days@Work’ program designed to give eligible restaurant-level employees more work-life flexibility,” writes Lisa Jennings in an article for Nation’s Restaurant News.

While the program doesn’t create an exact four-day work week for restaurant employees, the intent is to create space. “Its more a sort of hybrid designed to allow for chefs and managers to do administrative work remotely while focusing the time in restaurants on essential face-to-face operations,” says Knead co-founder Jason Berry.

In the fast-paced, customer-driven world of the restaurant and hospitality industries, it can be difficult to focus on employee care and health, even as we know that happy, well employees are the best team members. Innovative structures like this “4Days@Work” program can be implemented to merge the busy world of in-person dining with an understanding of whole health and family well-being.

Richard Weil, principal and owner of National Restaurant Consultants notes, “With current labor and staffing issues, many operators have reached crisis levels, hoping to sustain operating hours. They are seeking new and innovative ways to attract and retain staff, which requires consideration for alternative scheduling. One of the greatest challenges for managers is often the administrative side of their responsibilities. Testing these alternative hours for staff may provide near term and long-term solutions.”

Our restaurant consultants are experts at hiring managers and organizing team infrastructures, and we are committed to creating happy, healthy working environments for our clients and their employees. Considering a new scheduling plan will encourage the best work from your team, and our consultants can assist in making the most of these creative approaches to work-life balance.