4 Ways to Dress-up a Mimosa for Mother’s Day

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4 Ways to Dress-up a Mother’s Day Mimosa

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and with warmer weather and loosening regulations at restaurants, expect guests to come in to celebrate Mom with brunch. The celebratory mood will be high, last Mother’s Day having been in the throes of quarantine, so a Mother’s Day drink menu is the perfect, simple way to make this Sunday a special occasion.

With little extra planning, you can dress-up the age-old brunch favorite—a mimosa. Using ingredients likely already on-hand, turn a crowd favorite into something a little extra.

  1. Make it grand. Start with a traditional mimosa of fresh-squeezed orange juice and decent bubbles, then float a shot of Grand Marnier across the top before garnishing with an orange slice. The liquor cap is rich in color and deepens the perfect orange flavor.
  2. If you like piña coladas. Mother’s Day brunch isn’t quite a beach vacation, but you can bring those good vibes to the table with piña colada-inspired mimosa. Replace the orange juice with pineapple juice, add a dollop of coconut cream and top with a cherry.
  3. Try a pink drink. It’s time to welcome rosé season! Switch out your Prosecco for a sparkling rosé and mix with splashes of raspberry or cranberry juice for a pretty pink drink. Add a rosemary sprig for a touch of savory sophistication.
  4. Grown-up fruit cup. Playing off a sangria, turn your mimosa into a fruit salad! Add berries and citrus to the bottom of the glass and then top with Prosecco to saturate and bloat the fruit. Then stir in your juice of choice.

This time of year, it’s wonderful to be in this industry, to celebrate sweet and important moments with our guests—and this year more than ever. For more mimosa mix-ups, check out this Country Living round-up.  And don’t forget to call all of the special moms in your life this Sunday!  

Happy Mother’s Day, from your National Restaurant Consultants helpful resource team.

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