Mushrooms trending for 2020

It can be funny to consider that foods move in trends, but just like tastes in music and denim tend to fluctuate with the times, so does the attention on particular foods and dishes. Just like the fashion world talks up the fall fashion shows, so does the change toward autumn shift food trends.

Looking ahead, we’ve found three trends on the rise, and incorporating these items will keep your restaurant relevant to your guests young and old.

Pork. During its last peak, pork was branded as “the other white meat”. This time around, it’s getting attention as the culturally diverse meat that it is. Hipster butchers are serving up premium pork belly. Mexican restaurants are framing dishes around chorizo. And Asian-inspired fare is noting the traditional use of this sweet, tender meat.  Additionally, pork cuts of meat continue to better align for higher gross profit margins and favorable market conditions.

Jackfruit. A long-time favorite for vegan and vegetarian restaurants, jackfruit is making waves across traditional menus as well. Diversely used as a meat substitute for BBQ sandwiches, tacos, and even burgers, the jackfruit’s meat-like qualities are something that even carnivores will enjoy. (This HuffPost article features jackfruit and a few other fan-favorite veggies of note.)

Mushrooms. It used to be, maybe you were the sort to put mushrooms on a burger, maybe you weren’t. Now, mushrooms are the start of the plate, served as a main course item, while also infiltrating culture beyond food. Symbolizing some greater wellness trends, even the literary world has placed on emphasis on mycology. As vegetarian diets increase, mushrooms will become a mainstay; but expect this rising trend to increase interest just by way of curiosity.

As restaurant consultants, we aim to stay up-to-date on whatever is trending. It is important to understand what is happening in our industry, and, wherever possible, we want to help you execute on these trends. If you need help with your fall menus and would like an expert to help design a satisfying, exciting seasonal menu, or a complete “menu engineering” process, contact a restaurant consultant today.

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash